04.08.2022 | interview

Interview with the Enneatech AG

As the summer goes on, another new partner has joint our initiative: the Enneatech AG. Polyamides are the core part of the company from Grossefehn. With a capacity of 20,000 tons and 37 employees the speciality compounder manufactures PA, PET and PBT of different colors. Using green electricity out of wind and water power, rests of textil fibers as raw material for the product series Entron blue as well as energy efficient machines sustainability is focussed. Enneatech is strongly orientated towards its customers and their needs - each compound has to fulfill the customer's individual requirements.

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14.06.2022 | interview

Interview with the apetito AG

It's that time again. We are pleased to introduce another partner of our initiative: the apetito AG. It is a medium-sized family business based in Rheine (NRW) in Westphalia. Founded in 1958, apetito is now the market leader in the field of communal and individual catering and is also represented in the food retail sector. Apetito offers specific catering solutions in the form of freshly frozen menus and systems in day-care centres, schools, companies, clinics, senior citizen facilities and for meals on wheels menu services. In the German retail trade, the company is represented by the consumer brand COSTA in the freezer departments.

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03.06.2022 | interview

Interview with the Dirks Group

With the beginning of the new month, we like to present you another partner. Recently, the Dirks Group has joined our inititiave Operational Excellence. The company is a family-operated and internationally active service company with headquarters in Emden. At 25 locations in Germany and Europe, integrated and holistic system services are developed and realized - on the basis of the company's core capabilities logistics, engineering as well as technics and quality.

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27.04.2022 | event

Our 2nd networking-meeting

Last wednesday our second networking-meeting took place. We were very happy to host this event in real life instead of virtually - as we needed to do the last time. This time we've been at THE HUB Emden, where the Wirtschaftsförderung and Stadtmarketing GmbH took the role as the hosting company. In a round of about 20 participants we enjoyed the afternoon with interesting presentations and impulses, as well as the intensive exchange among each other.

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19.04.2022 | interview

Interview with the HÜPPE GmbH

We are glad to present you our 10th partner today: the Hüppe GmbH. HÜPPE belongs to the leading manufactorers in the sanitary industry throughout Europe. The company employs about 500 people (250 at the location in Bad Zwischenahn) and brings along over 120 years of experience. It convinces with innovative and high-quality products around the shower. Now as then, HÜPPE counts to one of the companies continuously setting international trends.

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21.03.2022 | cooperation

Cooperation with the DHO and the Logistikachse Ems as well as the Kompetenzzentrum Automotive

Using existing structures and building synergies?! That's what Beatrice Franck, Innovation & Networkmanagerin Logistic and Automotive at the economic promotion of Emden, and Thomas Dreesmann from Landkreis Leer, Cluster-Manager IT / Digitalization and Manager of the Digital Hub Ostfriesland (DHO), and our initiative are thinking of. Instead of acting next to each other, we strive to adress overlapping topics together and therefore we are going to continuously exchange to current themes.

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23.11.2021 | interview

Interview with Wirtschaftsförderkreis Harlingerland e.V.

Again, it’s time to present you a new member of our initiative: the Wirtschaftsförderkreis Harlingerland e.V.. Thanks a lot to the chief executive Frank Happe for the interesting interview.

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