Interview with the HÜPPE GmbH

We are glad to present you our 10th partner today: the Hüppe GmbH.

HÜPPE belongs to the leading manufactorers in the sanitary industry throughout Europe. The company employs about 500 people (250 at the location in Bad Zwischenahn) and brings along over 120 years of experience. It convinces with innovative and high-quality products around the shower. Now as then, HÜPPE counts to one of the companies continuously setting international trends.

Topics around the key words "lean" and "opex" have been focussed in several initiatives. Together with the new owner Aurelius, these approaches should be transferred into a sustainable strategy.

The presentation within a lean-training of a customer of the measures having been implemented so far has shown the company, which positive development has already taken place. Furthermore, a lot of impulses could be given to the participants for the improvement of their own processes. HÜPPE has recognized this exchange as very valuable, which is why the company looks forward to take this up within the initiative Operational Excellence.

At this point, we especially like to thank Jan Rüdebusch for the interesting interview, which you find below. Enjoy reading!

Which approaches and measures concerning Operational Excellence are already implemented at your company?

Jan Rüdebusch: We have activities concerning several approaches and stages at the moment (lean, 5s, CIP, Poka Yoke, One-Piece-Flow).

Are there further actions planned to be undertaken in the future in this field?

Jan Rüdebusch: Yes. About the topics digitalization, visualization and the linking of sub-processes.

Does your company offer advanced trainings to the topic Operational Excellence for your employees?

Jan Rüdebusch: At the moment just sporadically by individual initiatives.

What are your expectations on this initiative?

Jan Rüdebusch: We are expecting impulses through the exchange of ideas and concepts.

To which themes do you wish to exchange thoughts and know-how?

Jan Rüdebusch: We like to experience an exchange in the fields visualization, digitalization and intra logistics.

Are there specific aspects which are extraordinarily interesting for you? (for example, for networking-meetings or best-practice trips)

Jan Rüdebusch: We are especially interested in looking at specific process solutions and concepts on site (production & logistics).

Are you interested in workshops during our networking-meetings?

Jan Rüdebusch: If the workshops will deal with concrete problems, yes!

Which challenges to you see your company being confronted with in the future?

Jan Rüdebusch: For us, the skills shortage as well as the cost pressure (visualization, standardization, automation) will be challenging.

Do you see a fundamental change within your sector in the next 5 years?

Jan Rüdebusch: Yes, the further increase in the individualization of products and consequently, the underlying processes.

Thinking about the north-western region, what do you think is mostly needed by the region to challenge the ongoing as well as future changes? 

Jan Rüdebusch: From our point of view, the support of lighthouse projects together with the related knowledge exchange is needed.

In this context, how do you value the potential of initiatives like ours?

Jan Rüdebusch: We do value the potential quite high - in most cases, simple ideas and solutions can already help mid-sized companies.


We are very happy to welcome the Hüppe GmbH as a partner and are looking forward to the exchanges with them during our upcoming networking-meetings.

If you have any questions to the interview partner or points of reference, do not hesitate to contact Jan Rüdebusch under