Our 2nd networking-meeting


Last wednesday our second networking-meeting took place. We were very happy to host this event in real life instead of virtually - as we needed to do the last time. This time we've been at THE HUB Emden, where the Wirtschaftsförderung and Stadtmarketing GmbH took the role as the hosting company.

In a round of about 20 participants we enjoyed the afternoon with interesting presentations and impulses, as well as the intensive exchange among each other.

Before Beatrice Franck welcomed the guests and presented the Wirtschaftsförderung & Stadtmarketing GmbH, Prof. Dr. Dirk Schleuter gave a short introduction to Operational Excellence including some reference to the topic Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Afterwards, Rilana Gebben (bachelor student of the Hochschule Emden/Leer) further explained RPA and organized a small workshop for establishing a proof-of-concept for the application of RPA on a company's process. RPA basically describes an approach to optimize diverse processes with the help of automatically executing process steps by a software roboter.

Next to our partners, Katrin Proctor of the NBank participated at our event. She shared interesting insights to the funding programms and possibilites for companies.

The whole programm of our networking-meeting was completed by a tour through the Anwenderzentrum Logistik of the Hochschule Emden/Leer at the end. At this point, the participants were called to try and test the different applications. The various technologies (Pick-by technologies, e-shelf-labels, RFID- and RTLS-technic, augmented reality, cobot, etc.) aroused a lot of interest at the participants.

We like to thank all participating people for the inspiring networking-meeting and are looking forward to the next event. Special thanks go to Beatrice Franck as part of the hosting company for the catering as well as to the speakers for the interesting impulses!


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