Cooperation with the DHO and the Logistikachse Ems as well as the Kompetenzzentrum Automotive

Using existing structures and building synergies?! That's what Beatrice Franck, Innovation & Networkmanagerin Logistic and Automotive at the economic promotion of Emden, and Thomas Dreesmann from Landkreis Leer, Cluster-Manager IT / Digitalization and Manager of the Digital Hub Ostfriesland (DHO), and our initiative are thinking of. Instead of acting next to each other, we strive to adress overlapping topics together and therefore we are going to continuously exchange to current themes. Together, we aim at pushing forward the following issues: industry 4.0, logistics, operational excellence, digitalization and internet of things. In general, we like to jointly support the regional companies during the transformation process(es).

Next to the visualization on the right illustrating the cooperation, we clarify the roles of each cooperation partner as well as the main common goals of this cooperation in the picture below.

We are looking forward to working together with Beatrice Franck and Thomas Dreesmann and are excited about our joint actions in the future!