Interview with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Shortly before Christmas Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Germany GmbH & Co. KG is joining our initiative. We are looking forward to the future input by Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp, who works as a project manager for contract logistics in the company. Below, you can find his answers to our questions around Operational Excellence. Solely in Germany, Hellmann has 46 locations and employs around 4,600 employees.


Which approaches and measures concerning Operational Excellence are already implemented at your company?

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: Hellmann owns a self-engineered system, the Hellmann Production System. It serves as set of rules at all locations when implementing or optimizing our processes, as well as qualifying our employees to achieve a high-quality outcome.  

Are there further actions planned to be undertaken in the future in this field?

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: We are permanently searching for new solutions to increase our productivity and quality. For example, we are testing drones for inventory at one of our locations at the moment to carry it out more efficiently.

Does your company offer advanced trainings to the topic Operational Excellence for your employees?

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: The further development of our employees has a fundamental value at Hellmann. This is why various trainings and workshops are conducted by our lean managers as well as by our internal “Hellmann Academy”. The thematic fields are reaching from 5S- or HPS-trainings at the individual subsidiaries to a complete education to become lean manager.

What are your expectations on this initiative? 

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: Through the initiative we hope to experience an active exchange with other companies to the theme Operational Excellence. We hope to have the chance to learn from the experiences of the other members and to possibly promote our ideas to get better together.

To which themes do you wish to exchange thoughts and know-how?

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: We’d like to have an open exchange to new technologies as well as to experiences others have already gone through. 

Are there specific aspects which are extraordinarily interesting for you? (for example, for networking-meetings or best-practice trips)

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: We are especially interested in new technological solutions. Small but smart solutions can often make a huge difference in productivity, quality and employee satisfaction in this high digitalized world.

Are you interested in workshops during our networking-meetings?

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: Yes, workshops are a great tool to make the theory more tangible and to get to know new methods.

Which challenges do you see your company being confronted with in the future?

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: The Covid pandemic of the last two years and the related difficulties in the supply chain have left significant traces. This might increase the demand for resilient and transparent logistic solutions. The whole Hellmann company, but especially the contract logistic, needs to accommodate to this demand and to offer a solution with the help of smart and agile ideas.

Do you see a fundamental change within your sector in the next 5 years?

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: There will be a change to more agile, more transparent and more resilient logistic solutions due to the Covid pandemic, I think.

Thinking about the north-western region, what do you think is mostly needed by the region to challenge the ongoing as well as future changes? 

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: On the one hand, a comprehensive, efficient and modern digital and traffic connected infrastructure is needed. On the other hand, a good network of regional enterprises, which invest in the region and are willing to strengthen it in order to grow together, is required.

In this context, how do you value the potential of initiatives like ours?

Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp: Through the initiative Operational Excellence a network can evolve, which enables the exchange of ideas, technologies and experiences and provides a benefit for all members.


Many thanks go to Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp for the extensive interview. We are welcoming the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Germany GmbH & Co. KG as a partner of our growing initiative.

If you have further questions to Magnus Georg Möhlenkamp, you are invited to contact him under