Interview with Bell Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Step by step our initiative is growing and so we are pleased to present you another partner. This time, it’s Bell Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. About 8,000 employees are working at the Bell Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. The company belongs to the food processing industry and produces and sells qualitative high-quality food for retailers, the processing industry as well as the foodservice.

Again, we have asked the company some questions about Operational Excellence in a short interview. Enjoy the interesting insights described by Katja Scherbow and Marc Spanuth!


Which approaches and measures concerning Operational Excellence are already implemented at your company?

Katja Scherbow: We are having a uniform Top Excellence Program over all divisions.

Are there further actions planned to be undertaken in the future in this field?

Marc Spanuth: Yes, the establishment of a cross-industry network (beyond the standard program or the program’s advancement).

Does your company offer advanced trainings to the topic Operational Excellence for your employees?

Katja Scherbow: Yes, we have an internal training center, where trainings about the Top Excellence Program are offered. Furthermore, there are external training programs.

What are your expectations on this initiative? 

Marc Spanuth: A cross-industry exchange to various themes and best-practice solutions. Ideally, we can bring the knowledge into our company and consequently can further improve our business.

To which themes do you wish to exchange thoughts and know-how? Are there specific aspects which are extraordinarily interesting for you? (for example, for networking-meetings or best-practice trips)

Katja Scherbow: To the application of methods (practical examples) as well as the use of digital possibilities.

Are you interested in workshops during our networking-meetings?

Katja Scherbow: Yes, workshops are definitely interesting for us. Maybe to main themes, which are relevant to most of the participants.

Which challenges do you see your company being confronted with in the future?

Marc Spanuth: To ensure the attractiveness of our industry to get qualified workers and to deal with constantly faster appearing changes as well as the digitalization.

Do you see a fundamental change within your sector in the next 5 years?

Marc Spanuth: Yes, certainly there will be a comprehensive change concerning the customers’ expectations to topics such as sustainability, conservation of resources, animal welfare and digitalization.

Thinking about the north-western region, what do you think is mostly needed by the region to challenge the ongoing as well as future changes? 

Marc Spanuth: An adequate political framework for innovation and the support of initiatives for Operational Excellence, qualified and motivated workers as well as a good infrastructure. 

In this context, how do you value the potential of initiatives like ours?

Katja Scherbow: I value the potential quite high. Each enterprise develops at different speed. Furthermore, varied possibilities and resources are given. Through a network an exchange to overlapping but also individual topics can take place.


At this point, we’d like to thank Katja Scherbow and Marc Spanuth for the inspiring interview and are happy to welcome the Bell Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG as partner of our initiative.

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